May Day

A happy and wonderous May Day to all, may your buds be budding and smiles broadening as summer edges towards us, almost, well not really still bloomin’ freezing but still. I am full of glee because I have won a writing competition! Yes, that’s right, little old me….in a top American Literature magazine. Oh hippety hoppity glee and gladness! ( I’m going to be unbearably happy all day now! )

Never give up and may your glass be perpetually full of nectar!



Another day, another attempt at some witty blogging! There’s a bank holiday weekend imminent which always makes me happy, but with weather forecasts to freeze your barnacles off! I’ve never seen soo many people still happily swamped in their winter coats…

Three days left for you to nominate Under the Stones for publication by Kindle Scout – Amazon. With a grand total thus far of ZERO seconds in H&T, ( hot and trending, not some dark web hormone replacement therapy! tsk! ) it’s a forgone conclusion that ze book will not be chosen. I am fighting the demons of rejection responsibly.

So I spent a day with my design team, reworking In A Mirror City cover and am very happy with the new one! Don’t forget to support your indie artists, writers and musicians, they really appreciate it! And a big shout out to Smoky Moon Productions for their faith, creativity and utmost patience! 🙂

Happy May Bank Holiday to you all. ( yeah I know no-one reads blogs anymore )

And don’t forget your jumpers!

Mirror ALT COVER 29April 2a