In A Mirror City

This is such a great review for the audiobook of ‘In A Mirror City’ narrated by the inimitable Sara Morsey! ♥ audiobook-reviewIn A Mirror City (audiobook review)


Gathering Berries and Seeds

I always forget to write this blog! I only to seem to have a certain amount of time and energy for social media and these meanderings always get forgotten. It’s been crazy busy again at O’Connor Towers, the nights are drawing in and the hedgehogs are hungry!

I was delighted to get into the Soundcloud Folk charts for the first time these last weeks, for an underground freak-folkster I never thought such a thing would happen…and we’re still at number one with an amazing collaboration with American, French and English musicians! Many thanks to these wonderful musicians and the Soundcloud Underground Community….as the wise Rastas say, Bless Up! ♥

The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Such an incredible review…sometimes it’s words like these make it all worthwhile!

Steph Sweet is sweet by name and on the surface her songs seem to be sweet by nature. However scratch the surface and you find that the sweetness is an illusion. Ellen, taken from her new album The Hag and the Whore, may sound sweet but the subject matter is dark and disturbing. Inspired by the one off Channel 4 drama of the same name, the life of Ellen is not all sweetness and light, she’s hurting, she’s violent and she wishes she was dead.

Ellen is bewitching, mesmerising freak folk that sounds like the lovechild of Devandra Banhart and Joanna Newsome and the niece of Bridie Jackson and the Arbour. It’s easily the best folk song I’ve heard since Bridie Jackson’s magnificent Scarecrow and praise doesn’t come much higher than that.

The Revue!

An absolutely delightful review for Wolf’s Eye by The Revue, the online Canadian blog!

The Matinee August 11th