5Star review♥

Todd Simpson – Australia 5th June 2016

“Wow, I really enjoyed this book. Such a great opening. It really is a wonderful thing to find an Author that can entertain you from the first page of their story right through to the very last page. The characters are definitely the standout in this book, and the detail and background Stevie O’Connor has put into each one of them. It’s quite understandable when a lady ends up in shock after finding a hand sticking straight up out of the stones on the Kernbeck beach. Certainly not something you would expect if you were out for a walk, and the police inspectors are amazed when the body is unearthed that there is a wallet full of money, and identification with it. Not that a quick identification of Douglas Petrie, a London Literary Agent is going to help them pinning down who murdered him. DI Mark Lambert straight away suspects Petrie’s husband Jake Smithson of the murder. Even though Smithson swears he didn’t do it, DI Lambert knows he is hiding something from the police. John and his wife Liz Murphy thought they had found the perfect retirement plan in smuggling cocaine on a two man yacht into the UK. However they didn’t count on the storm from hell. I love the way the Author has woven the story line, and eventually all the characters start to come together. I really hope this book is turned into a series. Well worth a read!


Author: stevieoconnorblog

I’ve got gypsy blood. At school, they used to read my ghost stories out to the class and my writing just carried on from there. I live in England, but I dream of moving to Iceland, I think I could do some good writing there. When I was little, I knew that there was something magical about words. I was in awe of the library and the books appeared as infinite as stars, each with a different story or world. I suppose that in some way, these stories of mine are versions of worlds. Except the characters have become quite real to me now; they have their own idiosyncrasies and dispositions and quite frankly, walk around a novel like they own the place. It's like they're letting ME in.

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