May Day

A happy and wonderous May Day to all, may your buds be budding and smiles broadening as summer edges towards us, almost, well not really still bloomin’ freezing but still. I am full of glee because I have won a writing competition! Yes, that’s right, little old me….in a top American Literature magazine. Oh hippety hoppity glee and gladness! ( I’m going to be unbearably happy all day now! )

Never give up and may your glass be perpetually full of nectar!


Author: stevieoconnorblog

I’ve got gypsy blood. At school, they used to read my ghost stories out to the class and my writing just carried on from there. I live in England, but I dream of moving to Iceland, I think I could do some good writing there. When I was little, I knew that there was something magical about words. I was in awe of the library and the books appeared as infinite as stars, each with a different story or world. I suppose that in some way, these stories of mine are versions of worlds. Except the characters have become quite real to me now; they have their own idiosyncrasies and dispositions and quite frankly, walk around a novel like they own the place. It's like they're letting ME in.

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